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Combining Social Media and Your Website For SEO and More Traffic!

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The 1-2-3 Strategy The main strategy I use for traffic is Write a blog post: this adds SEO keywords and content to the site Promote the post on social media – you get direct traffic from your social channels, and Google sees this as ‘social signals’ and also ranks you higher Optimize the text on the site – again for Google, making sure you are using your keywords whenever possible. Keyword Research This should all…

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What is Facebook Retargeting?

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All of the traffic your website receives is very important, and one of the metrics used to determine growth for your business is an increase in website traffic. But the truth of the matter is that not everyone who visits your website is going to convert into a lead or sale the first time they see your page. They may read through a blog post or visit your sales page – but that’s it. They…

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Online Marketing For Small Businesses: The Basics

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One of the greatest things to happen in the world of marketing and advertising for small business owners is the internet. In the past, when advertising relied on television, newspapers, magazines, and cold calling, huge businesses with nearly unlimited ad budgets and large marketing teams dominated everything. As a small business, trying to compete with that was extremely difficult. Online advertising has virtually eliminated that struggle though, and now even small businesses can compete with…

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Why Your Website is More Important Than Social Media

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The Sales Context of Social Media vs. Your Website Social media is obviously important and can have a significant and immediate impact. I equate selling on social media to trying to sell to someone from a kiosk in a shopping mall – the person is already preoccupied and there are endless distractions vying for their attention. When you can get the potential customer to your website, it is like you are sitting with them at…

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How I Use to Build My Social Media Follower Base

By | Content Marketing, Marketing, Social Media | No Comments is a site that I signed up for quite awhile ago, and to be honest had kind of forgotten about. 20 days ago I followed someone’s link on their Twitter profile to their page. That led me to update my own profile which was outdated, and to explore a bit. I engaged with a few people by visiting their pages and sending them a preset ‘Compliment’. What happened next really surprised me. I have no…

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