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Combining Social Media and Your Website For SEO and More Traffic!

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The 1-2-3 Strategy The main strategy I use for traffic is Write a blog post: this adds SEO keywords and content to the site Promote the post on social media – you get direct traffic from your social channels, and Google sees this as ‘social signals’ and also ranks you higher Optimize the text on the site – again for Google, making sure you are using your keywords whenever possible. Keyword Research This should all…

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Seeking B2B Partners

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I am currently seeking B2B partners that want to add Website Development to their service offering. Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, I have acted as the ‘Virtual In-House Web Designer’ for partners in Canada, the United States, and around the world. By combining services, my partners and I have become full-service ‘Agencies of One’, where our shared skills add value for our individual clients. Graphic Designers, Content Writers, SEO Pros, Marketing Agencies – I…

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PageRank vs Domain Rank – What’s The Difference?

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Search engine optimization is an extremely important aspect of virtually every digital marketing strategy. SEO is used to generate more traffic, can boost PPC campaigns, works in tandem with social media, and brings in highly optimized ready-to-convert visitors that leads to more sales. But that doesn’t mean it is easy or can’t be confusing. Getting into the intricacies of SEO can be difficult, especially with all of the different terminology that gets thrown around on…

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Key Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization

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As a business owner in the digital marketing age, you have undoubtedly heard about search engine optimization. You probably agree that it can be beneficial to your business, but you may not understand exactly what it is or why it can help your business. At its core, search engine optimization is the process of generating traffic to your website from organic sources of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Unlike pay-per-click advertising, you don’t…

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Advantages of WordPress for Small Business Websites

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No matter what type of business you have, product you sell, or service you offer, it is extremely important that you have a website that is up-to-date with current online marketing practices. Unfortunately not a lot of businesses have changed in the last few years and still have an outdated website that can potential do more harm than good for their digital presence. If you are interested in a new website, using the WordPress platform…

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Get Ready for Google “Mobilegeddon” – Coming April 21, 2015

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It’s coming, and your business may need to take action. Beginning on April 21, Google is rolling out a new algorithm that will specifically impact local searches on mobile devices; if a site is determined by Google to have a poor user interface on mobile devices, it will have a lower search ranking than those that do. Dubbed “mobilegeddon”, this isn’t the first time that Google has made changes to search in an effort to…

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WordPress Security: My Most Used Plugins

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Anyone who puts a WordPress site live quickly realizes that the number of legitimate visits can be eclipsed by the amount of malicious bot, and in some cases human, traffic that is sniffing at the backdoor. The first awareness of this usually comes from either recognizing the number of visits from untargetted countries (I’m looking at you Russian and Italy), or from seeing the effects of malicious scripts post-hack. The latter is definitely not a…

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Why Your Website is More Important Than Social Media

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The Sales Context of Social Media vs. Your Website Social media is obviously important and can have a significant and immediate impact. I equate selling on social media to trying to sell to someone from a kiosk in a shopping mall – the person is already preoccupied and there are endless distractions vying for their attention. When you can get the potential customer to your website, it is like you are sitting with them at…

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Is Your WordPress Site Vulnerable? Some Basics To Securing Your Site

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Given that 20% or more of the web is currently running on WordPress, it shouldn’t be surprising that finding vulnerabilities – within the WordPress framework and especially 3rd party themes and plugins – is a goal for many hackers. If you have some experience with WordPress you have probably had to combat some of these vulnerabilities, or may have received notifications from your hosting provider urging you to update components. As an example, I received…

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Why Mobile Optimization is the TOP PRIORITY for Your Website in 2015

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The Dominant Trend At this point it’s actually much more than a trend: mobile is gradually taking over from desktop for website searching and browsing dominance. Look at the screenshot above from one of my sites for the proof. The pace of this transition will vary depending on the industry that you are in and how/where/why users are likely to access your site, but I would be very surprised if you haven’t seen a significant uptick in…

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