Combining Social Media and Your Website For SEO and More Traffic!


The 1-2-3 Strategy

The main strategy I use for traffic is

  • Write a blog post: this adds SEO keywords and content to the site
  • Promote the post on social media – you get direct traffic from your social channels, and Google sees this as ‘social signals’ and also ranks you higher
  • Optimize the text on the site – again for Google, making sure you are using your keywords whenever possible.

Keyword Research

This should all be preceded by keyword research to determine what it is that your target audience is searching for. The best keywords to use are the ones that Google will try to autofill for when you search. For example when I start typing “skin care”, it is ‘skin care routine’ that appears for me in the pre-filled search bar selections before ‘skin care regimen’, so someone would want to focus on ‘routine’ if they were targeting that niche.

How Often Should I Post?

The frequency that I recommend for small businesses is:

  • 3-4x weekly Facebook posting
  • 3-4x weekly Instagram posting
  • 2x month new blog posts

and more than that is better! With the social I recommend splitting posts 50/50 between product / company / promo posts and general relevant content.


That is the formula that has been working for me and my clients. You can automate most of the posting with either Hootsuite or Buffer (I prefer Buffer). Where people usually get stuck is with the writing at the front end of the process; that can also be automated. How? By connecting with an agency like mine that can take care of all of these steps for you. This eliminates the excuses and keeps you on track on the long term.

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