Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is using articles, videos, social media posts – any type of content to fulfill multiple goals; unique content that is relevant to your brand provides the following:

  • The keyword ‘fuel’ needed by search engines to help your customers find you;
  • The basis for social media posts to increase brand awareness;
  • The opportunity to connect with your target audience in meaningful ways.

Gone are the days of brochure style websites and assumptions that visitors are naturally interested in learning more about your business. Today’s online user is savvy, fickle, and seeking a value-for-value exchange of your entertaining / informative content for their attention and the opportunity to present them with a marketing message.

Stretching the Investment in Content

There are two inherent benefits in devoting a piece of your marketing budget for content marketing over other forms of online and traditional marketing:

  1. Re-purposing: it is possible to generate multiple blog posts, video scripts, and social media blasts from a single piece of content.
  2. Re-cycling: developing ‘evergreen’ content allows you to re-post the same content on multiple channels more than once, extending the reach of any individual piece.

Content Marketing Delivers

What can Marketing do for your sales process?

  • Keep yourself in front of your valuable existing customer base;
  • Find you new targeted and qualified leads;
  • Deliver ongoing ROI in the marketing-to-sales cycle.

You may be in consolidating your online marketing into an inbound marketing system.

I want to work with you to develop an effective content marketing strategy that will enhance the strength of your existing marketing and open the door to more of your target audience. Contact me right now to get started.