Web Design

Websites I have developed for my past and present clients fall into three general categories of: marketing websites, E-Commerce websites, and inbound marketing websites. You can see more examples of all three in my web design and project portfolio.

Marketing Websites

Marketing websites are designed primarily for promotion to an existing customer base and to attract new customers passively through on-site SEO; they are best paired with content marketing in the form of a blog or news section and social media marketing or PPC for targeted traffic.

Project Portfolio
HyperFastCars.com, Charlotte, North Carolina

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites can be full-scale online stores, or a single ‘landing page’ promoting a specific product or service. I have experience in building, optimizing, and driving traffic to E-Commerce websites in multiple industry niches.

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Sales / Lead Generating Websites

It would be difficult to find a successful lead generating website that wasn’t part of an inbound marketing system. Your goal may be to add contacts to a newsletter database, to signup for an online course, or to complete an application. Visitors are encouraged to proceed through your sales funnel with ongoing conversion optimization.

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GetFinanced.ca, Fredericton, New Brunswick

My clients tell me that I am different than other website developers they talk to; my experience has taught me that a great looking website should be a ‘given’, and that websites without a specific goal result in frustration, wasted budgets, and a loss of confidence in online marketing. I’m different because I look at your project through the eyes of you and your target audience, with the key goal of delivering long-term ROI from your online marketing.

Whether you need a reworking of your existing website or you are looking to develop your next online property – contact me right now to develop the solutions needed to reach your business goals.