Freelance Partners

I have built an incredible network of professionals to consult and assist on client projects. We believe in the concept of “Agencies of One”, where our combined skills allow us to provide full service deliverables to our individual and mutual clients.

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Joe Foster

Programmer / WordPress Wizard

Joe is an expert in web developing with over 15 years of experience. He has vast knowledge of the general purpose scripting language php as well as mysql, Angular, and jquery. Joe is very educated in the web service solution stack LAMP, and has worked with many different platforms and server types. As you can see Joe is well versed in many different areas of web programming, and would love to help you achieve the best possible website possible.

Eric Johnson

Content Writer

Eric is a recent university graduate from St Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He graduated with a BA with a double major in Communications and English. During his time at St Thomas, he occasionally wrote for The Aquinian, which is the student paper, and also worked for the school. Eric was the game day coordinator, this position entailed, hiring your own team, and working the DakStats online program to make sure all the stats were done correctly.

During Eric’s last year of university, he completed an internship at the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. Where he worked under the Research and Policy Manager, completing several different tasks including research, and social media management.

Eric has written content for many online and print publications, including regular feature writing in Fredericton’s ‘Daily Gleaner’.

James McKay

WordPress / E-Commerce

James is talented with computers and has a passion for his clients’ projects. His experience with WordPress, WooCommerce (E-Commerce for WordPress), and server design make him an essential partner. When not working on a WordPress website, you will probably find James building a MineCraft server.

Akram Pathan

SEO Specialist

Akram is an SEO professional with proven results. He can help you with:

– Preparing effective SEO strategies and campaigns
– Solving SEO technical errors
– Keyword research
– Boosting Keyword Ranking
– Increasing Traffic
– Call to action optimization
– Conversion rate optimization
– Landing page optimization
– White hat Link Building
– Social Media Optimization
– Competitor analysis
– On Page & Off Page Meta Writing
– Backlink Audits
– Penguin and Panda Recovery

Chris Stapleton

Google Local / Local SEO Specialist

Chris is the owner of CS Photography

With local SEO I with you to get your business to rank higher in Google local searches for both Maps and web, local searches are searches using the terms near or in a location.  Why is local SEO important: Local SEO is the most important, say you have a location based business, such as a restaurant; having the top search term for restaurant is useless to you unless you are like McDonalds and have locations across the globe.  If your business is location dependent like a Shop, Hotel, Restaurant, ect; you need to be concerned about local SEO.  Local SEO gets you found in your area, not everywhere on the web.  If you pay for SEO already, are they bosting your local search or are they making you the number one on Google?  Well the number 1 on Google search for a term is not always the number one in local search.  I can help your business optimize your profile on Google.  Looking for a new name, I can help you choose one that will maximize your presence on Google.

Did you know an important ranking factor on Google is Images? Think your business does not need images, then you are wrong.  Google ranks business with images above those without.  Not all images are created the same, and before you go snapping away not all images are ranked the same.  Along with Photography comes 360 tours, they are one of the best ways for a business to attract customers off the web.  A study in the US found that businesses with tours hare 50% more likely to get visits over the ones without.  That works out to about a 50% search to visit conversation rate vice the standard 12%.

Our local SEO services also provide your business with still and 360 images to boost your social media marketing platform.  Not all pictures are created equal, so we provide you with professional images for use in your marketing.  Social media is one of the best ways to boost your search ranking and to connect with customers,  Customers that follow your page expect to see professional content, and get information on the products that you offer.

With out simple formula, we can bring your business from the second page on a Google Mpas search to the top 5 in a matter of months.