Inbound Marketing Systems

Inbound Marketing Systems are a combination of components designed to either generate a lead for a future sale, or to generate an immediate sale through E-Commerce. It is important to develop a conversion flow for your Inbound Marketing System that both targets the correct audience and encourages them to progress through the inbound sales funnel.

Inbound Marketing System basic sales funnel

Your Website Design

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing and the hub of your inbound marketing system. Captivating and intuitive design is an important consideration – conversion works best with the right combination of form and function.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful sales channels online. Talk to me about strategies to grow your marketing database and implementing email marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing

Content marketing generates the articles, blog posts, video, infographics and other content used in your social campaigns, SEO campaigns, and email marketing.

Social Media Management / Marketing

I am able to offer development, implementation, and management of both your social reputation /community campaigns and direct social marketing campaigns on channels including Facebook and Twitter.

Search Engine Optimization

I use a combination of onsite and offsite SEO strategies based on exactly what your audience is searching for. Ask me about onsite SEO success stories that have exceeded expectations.

PPC and Social Advertising Management

The right pay-per-click advertising channel is not the same for every business. I have experience managing PPC campaigns with Google AdWords, Facebook Business Manager, and Twitter Ads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Is your existing sales funnel under-performing? An analysis of your conversion rate results in an action plan to improve your sales.