1. Monsoon (for Mikey O.)

this vast dream invitation of
bare blankets spread
no weight upon the breath
your breast a bed soon
clustered with sprites
which by chance these
elven fingertips glance
slippery dances duly
given, not reproached

abrupt – the message
lost the cause moated
stifled then strangled
but waiting we lay
(attest to this, cloven)
thus bound to sprays of
ecstatic ecstaticacies while
frothed sombre drippings clutch
lazily and plop

we pause, my leaves protect
you now a cocoon adorned
as tapestries swallow your
answer a gift to me


  1. Grasshopper

he walks tall
and praises every
glory hallelujah with
a viscous halitosis
heaved as molasses
while jiminy crickets
croak at the heels
coaxing within him
dreamed and memoried
grass slippers and dewy
dripping middays

his arms and feet
a cavalry of errors
hurdling ants and
bounding heavenward
across chasms
conceived by stems
while bees blunder
the irises
he antennaes
them theorising false
constructs with ganglii


  1. Whores

I am the pace of animals
chasing them down in the darkness
I am the evil well life-spring
dividing your true whores

their squished and squidded brittle
bones became plush headroom –
fluff, while ghosts of wonder
trickled down in splendour
grasping at the straws
gagging at the thought
of clasping ethereal
grimaced visages
and tilted on

wholly provoked
the target was missed as
grand mal delusions plucked
epoch roots, laid torn
then taken from them


  1. NASA


without pity the pithy and
hippoplastic heraldry
converted a small step
into exhumations of youth,
wondrous ejaculators waxed
fantastic salutes approaching
the Al Capone as we
chafed the scalps of florae,
puffed off the dust of horsehair and
outstretched one long arm to touch
the blackened wunderstuff



nerve tinglers lead
tanglers to dissolve
into winds penetrating and
iambically pentamerating
each and every gravity
wave that bounces
trampolining us into the
outer galaxy anticipating
no cosmostic boundary



narcissism dilates and
pretentiousness abounds viz.
man of men, light of brites
nursing back to nothing
the El and Ra of it all to
take care of business
whilst we sup on thick shadows
of earth, sifting the wake of
reveries oraclesque
splurting them
hither tither pitter patter as
feathery stones lift and drift
each one away from earth



sniffing homeward the
great eye gazing through thin
rings toward a cobalt bead
landing epic, spotlight boasting
the motherland roasting the this
and those that went before –
pioneers plodding awry
the sandwich of
soil and sky


  1. Arielle (for Leonard Cohen)

Arielle I prevail to you
Arielle feel breadth in the ovens
this heat screams

Arielle I am molten
crushed to release
leaven me your twin spires
yeast into me
ooze a pus
become a foam
filling all cavities
bloated billows
strain at the gusset –
as a sleep I will come to you

wrap melting fingers
around me


  1. On Saint John, New Brunswick
    (The Armpit of Canada)

disemboweling streets
gobble up prey, smacking
ruinous brick up-elevated
to new heights as the fiefdom
remains baffled; no beauty found
but this twist’ vision:

envelop me you thin fog
encircle my waist
belt of night airs
engrasp my hand
smokey smogs
squeal, livid bells,
sort soft tanned
cloud bellies who emerge
become drifts
then execute their mercy
upon what lies below –
releasing a treacherous mirth
as unwant dogs turn left
and stare

in bedded air unfit to stink
dank plebs await the


  1. a list of modern lovers


coeur, respire
bouche moi
bouge pas


  1. King


here’s to you
king of ages
your upstart culture
by shit

sluggish shades, snipped
electricity slips
fingers pull back
reach out snap, your branches
erase an aeon
braise and salt it
a tickle to revisit
once more



kil’t visions became
available oversights
sack-eyed men form
hand-me-down itches,
hench language
sent to quiver
and buck the wounds
cracked whips recoil
drop in again as a
stifled fit

a king of this age
denounced and thus
the fanatic, I’m hidden in darkness
spinning unlit wicks,
circle sermons – spleen

sword of swords
eye to eye
my guts become your church



under false pretenses
whipped as butter –
mothing flames
discarded, unthrough

your temper now
a temple to
redraw them in

water eclipses your son
stars align with angels
seasons beget horses
nativities scream


  1. Dweller

spiritus invictus
grant me three wishes
with which to please the
master, in-dweller
the first a taste of all I am
the second an amendment to the first:
spit cartwheels aimed at the sun,
thrill the upper atmosphere
the third becomes a gristle, I curmudgeon
and seal the fate of the oppressor
may oppose
arundineum confractum doctrinam
that am I, defiler
invictus, I spiritus
in this I dwell


  1. Notes on the Disparity of Language and Culture
    in 21st Century Canada


our journalist bulimes sweet
nothings that bump in the night forming
spittle; a harassment that becomes us

bring in the clowns and trot out the cronies –
we’ll pay the tax with uptown revolts
we’ll have the downtowns mould in a jell-o
we’ll enliven illiterates with spurious tomes1
we’ll castrate Charlottetown lobbing
a trail of foreskin
behind us

Pierre they named
some crap after you and proceeded
to laugh in the face of ‘egoic moralities’
while under the warm blanket of charter
they drool and act accordingly

(1) c.1987, many school textbooks were supplied by the State of Alberta to the Borough of New Brunswick (NB). The ‘Health’ textbook was exceptionally riveting, and a source of endless learning, i.e. barbiturates. It has assuredly made me the man (editorial note: consider underscore) I am. To mein heir I do repay this debt of gratitude!


let it be heard from Newfie to hippie;
a resurgence, nay – resurgo!
of military force!
of the Queen herself;
roll the old bones over!
send a prince (a pauper) and his slut!
call The Straight and Hello!
magazine – The Sun is
always aboard ravage
me Stephen

let me cling
to the buttocks
of a true leader
let me wedge myself
between your great divides let me
taste the tip of Toronto
engorge your breasts at Banff
we’ll crest your breaches at morning
and may the lard be with us
as we gallop the flats of Tugaske
to the tune of La Brabançonne



we weathered the gales
slit the sails
and sallied forth by Thompson
with gaseous whiffs of
Sarnia’s (ON) sniffs we reached
Bouctouche by morning

this is what I saw
when I went down there –
(a Plaines d’Abraham revived,
a pipeline condemned,
a butchery of vices,
a harrowing of lies,
splatter among these:
– victims of ancestry
– belittlers of crime
– manifested destinations
– the tourism borne to heirs

a twist of fate brought such Kamloopian
thought to Coquitlam, effortlessly –
on the lips of doves



into this fathomless cockpit waft upper
stratospheres enfolding the dead
stench2 of Petro-Canadas
and Co-ops cooked

Catherine Tekakwitha
they have forsaken you;
these latter day Anaïs Nins
do not compare to your
Saint-Louis d’Everything

bring me to my knees, Elizabeth!
lash me to the boards then
sweep me under the rug
while your apatride Acadien
cling to the ring of disparity –
urging remorseful restraint upon
displacement catégorique,
tossing a slow roll designed to
obscure our palestine

(2) In 1943, the Dominion of Canada, under the auspices of what would (allegedly) become USC Canada (56 Sparks St., Ottawa), wretched forth the following reparations: bed by six; Chinese to build the railroads; Lloydminster; a fondness for Churchill; Mid-Westernisms; Niceanisms; Victorianisms (hurrah!); and a statement proposing Mulroney far ahead of it’s time. Signed this day at the ‘Fort Mac’, 1789 amino domino, in abstancententia.

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